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Georgia Straight cooking column with Michelle da Silva February 27, 2014 

Novus TV Video

Novus has a video about Bob Likes Thai Food!

View the video, City Lights - 1st Vancouver Foodster Local Pancake Challenge,  here on YouTube 

CBC Video

CBC covers a blogger's poutine challenge, including Bob Likes Thai Food's contribution.

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Review of Bob Likes Thai Food

Who names a restaurant with subject, verb and object?

Tai Keattivanichvily. That’s who. His own name would have tripped up too many tongues and he didn’t want something “cheesey,” so he named his Thai restaurant Bob Likes Thai Food.

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Globe and Mail - Luscious regional cuisine could explain Bob's ardour

I’m not too sure about this Bob guy, but I’m really quite smitten with his namesake restaurant, Bob Likes Thai Food.
What’s not to like about quality pad Thai made with freshly squeezed tamarind water or succulent pork sausages stuffed with lemongrass, garlic, rice and minced long green beans?

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Bob Likes Thai Food matches authentic dishes with tall tales

Let’s address the obvious question right off the bat. Who’s Bob? It’s not Tai Keattivanichvily, the friendly owner of Bob Likes Thai Food.

“When customers ask me, ”'Are you Bob?' I usually tell them, ”˜You just missed him. He went out the back door to get more groceries.’”

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